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Susan B. Anthony & the 19th Amendment

Susan B. Anthony, Women's Rights Pioneer

Income Inequality that remains an issue for American Women today is but one of the myriad reasons this Women's Rights Pioneer got off the sidelines in into the arena of Political Activism. Born on February 15, 1820 Susan B. Anthony remained single her entire life & never married, likely making this her number one motivating factor in becoming a leader in the Women's Rights Movement.

Having only herself to depend on for support, she was outraged that Women were paid less than men.

New York State Married Women's Property Act of 1847

Born & raised a Quaker, Anthony was raised with the notion that boys & girls should receive the same Education & was shocked to learn later in life that this was not the case for Women in other Non-Quaker communities.

Prior to joining Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Lucretia Mott & others to champion the issue of Women's Rights, Anthony was both an Abolitionist & a Prohibitionist striving to make changes within the Anti-Slavery Society & the Temperance Movement that became the 18th Amendment.

Like Stanton & Lucretia Mott, Anthony's efforts to HELP were stymied.

She too was DISCRIMINATED AGAINST SOLELY BECAUSE SHE WAS A WOMAN & she was not allowed to speak at these events.

Here she was - again like Stanton & Mott, reaching down to lift people up and she was insulted by GENDER-BASED DISCRIMINATION.

I know how this feels.

Right here right now in the year 2020, the majority of my work in the Insurance Industry is in the Low Income, economically-disadvantaged communities.

Anyone care to guess where that might be?

I am repeatedly met with Unthankfulness, Ungratefulness & outright scorn at times.

It is a main motivating factor for me in the here & now.


Like Stanton, Susan B. Anthony died on March 13, 1906, in Rochester, NY & did not live to see the dream of the 19th Amendment be realized in her lifetime.

National Women's Suffrage Association

Like Alice Paul (more on Paul later) Anthony was one of the "Bad-Ass Women of the Vote."

She had to be.

I don't like that characterization of "Bad-Ass."

I think while well-intended to be a good thing, it just is not. I think that phrase is tone-deaf. It sends the wrong message.

Anthony, like Paul was one of the Radical Advocates for Women's Rights, willing to engage in acts of Civil Disobedience to right an egregious wrong.

The way I see it so far, the Women's Rights Movement can be characterized between the Radicals, the Moderates & the Pacifists.

More on this soon.

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