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Carrie Chapman Catt. The League of Women Voters

Carrie Chapman Catt, National American Woman Suffrage Association  & League of Women Voters, 1884

Carrie Chapman Catt (1859-1947) one of the "youngsters" of the early Women's Rights Movement along with Alice Paul lived well into the 20th Century & carried on the work of those who went before her.

She was the third President of the National American Woman Suffrage Association (1900) succeeding Elizabeth Cady Stanton (1890) & Susan B. Anthony (1892)

Catt also formed the League of Women Voters which is still active as a Bi-Partisan/Non-Partisan Political Activist Group today.

Prior to the beginning of the Covid-19 Crisis, I had intended to get out from behind the computer screen, step away from the desk & get out there again with some of the Ladies Groups here in Houston.

But Covid-19 had other plans.

The League of Women Voter's Houston put together a Theater Night to attend the Alley Theater's production of the George Orwell Book "1984."

Long story long, I was there on Opening Day but have yet to connect with LWV off Social Media.

I would have loved to hear their thoughts on this Local Theatrical Production that coincided with the end of Black History Month & the start of Women's History Month just this year.