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The Past, Present & Future of the ERA. Why it Still Matters. The American Experience on PBS

From Women’s Suffrage to the ERA | The Vote | Retro Report | American Experience | PBS

I could go down the list of reasons the Equal Rights Amendment still matters, but I think the most glaring example happened just this week on the steps on Congress.

When ABC News did the story on House Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez being verbally attacked by a fellow Congressman, they only partially Bleep the offensive Sexist Slur.

They Bleeped the "F-Word" but full-on said BITCH!!!

The "B-word" is as offensive as it gets.

It is Hate Speech against women.

With respect to what she would teach her children about the incident, she has to teach them about forgiveness & "Turning the Other Cheek."

Forgiveness is not about forgetting. You get MAD AS HELL then do something about it in a positive manner.

Forgiveness is something you give yourself so you don't get eaten alive with bitterness & anger.

Then you works towards Positive CHANGE.

Like maybe getting the Equal Rights Amendment passed?

Like Maybe writing a HATE SPEECH BILL?

This is why I struggle when TV Broadcast ask us to "Join the Conversation" on Racism.

When I know for a fact that garbage like this is viewed as Socially Acceptable - flat out saying the "B-Word" in Public, does anyone recognized that this is exactly the same???

It is.

Ratify the Equal Rights Amendment NOW!

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