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The Apotheosis of Suffrage. Political Mud-Slinging of Now as Then. Women's Suffrage Centennial

The Apotheosis of Suffrage

Politics are not for the faint of Heart. Scrolling the Comments on any Social Media Post on any Platform, nobody needs to be told about the vile viciousness we see every day.

We can read them for ourselves.

And it has likely always been this way.

It's not surprising that Unifying behind a set of central ideas & the methodology of how to go about them is difficult even today.

When we look at Religious Philosophies of now & then, the dozens of Christian Denominations still think their own teaching is correct as mentioned on Wednesday in the Philosophy-on-the-Unification-of-Politics-Theologies-Election-2020,

Christians & Muslims & Jewish believers have HUGE differences in Theology.