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The Words of a Bully. Ratify the Equal Rights Amendment NOW

UPDATE. I wasn't planning on posting anything today, but the Bully-In-Chief has already attacked Senator Harris & the same insult is being amplified & reported on TV.

This is the exact same attack he used in 2016 against another Presidential hopeful you may have heard of before.

Below is what I was thinking to myself as I watched in horror of Secretary Clinton being BULLIED in the public arena .

2020 is the 100th Anniversary of the 19th Amendment that granted WOMEN the Right to Vote.

Let's Ratify the Equal Rights Amendment to protect WOMEN from Hate Speech of all kinds.

It happened again first thing this morning on CNN - News anchor John Berman casually saying the word BITCH on TV, not something anyone needs to hear at 5:30 in the morning.

I am not un-sympathic to the PROBLEM of PREJUDICE. In fact, I have walked the walk & talked the talk TO HELP my ENTIRE LIFE, but I am beyond tired of hearing about RACISM when women are regularly subjected to regular use of the "B-Word."

The proper term until we do away with that terrible phenomenon is PREJUDICE.

The video shown does show both sides of the coin when discussing if this is ok or not.

I object to the school of thought that tries to use the words of a bully & take back the power of the insult by throwing it in the face of the bully.

This is how I felt when the Bully-In-Chief - also known as Donald Trump - called Hillary Clinton that "Nasty Woman" while on the campaign trail.

It was televised.

We all heard it.

I sat there cringing, thinking to myself "Don't acknowledge that." "Ignore it." "Let it roll off your back" and "For the love of GOD don't make it a 'thing'."

Next thing you know, Oh My God - it's a thing.

Hillary said it.

Feminists said it.

Soon there were "Nasty Woman" T-Shirts popping up at the marches - people made signs & hat & chants, all saying "Nasty Woman."

Many times, trying to diffuse a Bully by using his words against him, backfires.

This is what I believe happened to Hillary Clinton in the 2016 Election.

After all, who wants to vote for a "Nasty Woman?"

This needs to stop.

We need to see & hear the SAME OUTRAGE when women are disrespected that we all feel when blatant Racism occurs.

Sexism is exactly the same: it is Prejudice.

MISOGYNY is a Problem in America

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