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The 36th State. Tennessee Delivers the 19th Amendment. Women's Suffrage Centennial

Nashville Public Television has an outstanding presentation on what it took for the Northern Suffragists to gain support for the 19th Amendment in the Southern States.

Tennessee was the 36th State to Ratify the 19th Amendment on August 18, 1920 by their State House of Representatives, thus paving the way for National Ratification into the Constitution.

Interestingly enough is that at around the same time prior to the Civil War (1861- 1865) that Northern Abolitionists including Stanton, Mott & Anthony were working towards gaining Freedom for Enslaved People in this country, Sarah & Angelina Grimke of South Carolina were among some of the earliest Female Abolitionists in the South.

In 1838, Sara Grimke wrote her Letters on the Equality of the Sexes to the Boston Female Anti-Slavery Society, containing the legendary quote "All that we ask of our Brethren is that they take their foot off our necks..."

The Presentation effectively untangles the Generational time frame, beginning with First Lady Abigail Adams in the 1700's, Geographical & Ideological complexities of the Women's Rights Movement between the North & the South, & what it took for final Ratification in 1920 in Tennessee.

19th Amendment Ratification Map as of August 1920

Just as PEOPLE are Individuals, States & Organizations had vastly different Ideals

Women's Groups in Opposition to Voting Rights sprang up around the Country.

Much like the Phyllis Schafley's of today who stood in opposition to the Equal Rights Amendment, there were very vocal Anti-Suffrage Groups of Women all across the country that vigorously campaigned against Voting Rights for Women.

2020 is the 100th Anniversary of the 19th Amendment that granted Women the Right to Vote.

Let's honor this achievement by Ratifying the Equal Rights Amendment THIS YEAR.

Many of the same Women's Rights Issues enumerated in the Seneca Falls "Declaration of Sentiments" such as Income Inequality remain unresolved today.

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