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Prohibition on Alcohol. The 18th Amendment, The 19th Amendment & Susan B. Anthony.  Women's

Jack Daniels Tennessee Whiskey & the 19th Amendment

Learning how Tennessee became the final State needed to Ratify the 19th Amendment was very eye-opening & really resonated with me as it took a major detour through the issue of Prohibition of Alcohol that became the 18th Amendment - preceding Voting Rights for Women by about eight months.

Many of the same Women's Rights Activists, including Susan B. Anthony who worked on the pressing Social Issues of the day were concerned with Quality of Life Issues:

Equal Pay for Equal Work (Income Inequality)

Equal Education for Girls

The Abolition of Slavery

Property Rights

Legal Rights

And Prohibition of Alcohol.

.....many of the same Quality of Life Issues that people living in our Generation are still dealing with today.