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Prohibition on Alcohol. The 18th Amendment, The 19th Amendment & Susan B. Anthony.  Women's

Jack Daniels Tennessee Whiskey & the 19th Amendment

Learning how Tennessee became the final State needed to Ratify the 19th Amendment was very eye-opening & really resonated with me as it took a major detour through the issue of Prohibition of Alcohol that became the 18th Amendment - preceding Voting Rights for Women by about eight months.

Many of the same Women's Rights Activists, including Susan B. Anthony who worked on the pressing Social Issues of the day were concerned with Quality of Life Issues:

Equal Pay for Equal Work (Income Inequality)

Equal Education for Girls

The Abolition of Slavery

Property Rights

Legal Rights

And Prohibition of Alcohol.

.....many of the same Quality of Life Issues that people living in our Generation are still dealing with today.

The Prohibition of Alcohol issue resonated with me in particular as that is 100% of the Reason I am a Health Insurance Agent today.

After saving the Life of an Alcoholic loved one, I thought - well, I've learned so much from the Patient-side of Insurance Claims, why not get Licensed.

So I did.

Extreme Alcoholism can be deadly & this person is alive today thanks to my willingness to participate in their Treatment & Recovery. They almost died from drinking.

Being a Health Insurance Agent can be a pretty thankless job sometimes.

I have a Degree in Journalism & changing Careers couldn't have been further from my mind when I got Licensed but it was the Right Thing to Do.

For more on the 18th & 19th Amendments, watch this Presentation from Nashville Public Television. This is so good at untangling the complex issues surrounding the Ratification of the 19th Amendment & how Jack Daniels played a role in sabotaging the Vote in the Tennessee Legislature that the Amendment almost didn't pass.

Let's finish the job by Ratifying the Equal Rights Amendment THIS YEAR - not for History's sake, but because these same issues still affect people today.

For more on the 18th Amendment check out Hip Huges' YouTube Channel Here

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