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That's a Wrap on Women's Suffrage Centennial. Now Let's VOTE

Our Right to Vote is precious & not something to take for granted. Much blood, sweat & tears were shed to gain this valuable Right to make your Voice heard in the Electoral Process.

There are enough Voter Suppression tactics employed today to Subvert the Vote. Don't Suppress your own Vote by "sitting this one out." The failure of REGISTERS VOTERS to cast a Vote in 2016 is what enabled a BULLY to steal the 2016 Election.

Say "I Will Vote - in Every Election Every Time."

The Women's Suffrage Centennial isn't just a Celebration of History.

It's an ongoing campaign to bring awareness of how Women's Rights Pioneers like Stanton, Anthony, Mott & Truth organized fellow Activists & fought for things like Equal Pay for Equal Work, Property Rights & Legal Rights for WOMEN.

Income Inequality is still a HUGE problem today & is my #1 motivating factor for going into Business for myself - & I'm still broke.

Below are Permanent Page Links on various Topics on Women's Past, Present & Future of the Vote, including my Face the Music Page. I could not be more serious about this.

Yesterday was the MTV Video Music Awards - which I didn't see, but I can guarantee that they were handing out Awards for TRASH.

I've wondered for YEARS, just what exactly are they saying when huge parts of the show have to be Bleeped for Profanity.


It's a problem.

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1st Amendment VS Free Speech

Women's Suffrage Centennial

Equal Rights Amendment

National Women's History Month

19th Amendment

Women's Equality Day

Face the Music

Fairness Doctrine

Broadcast History of TV & Radio

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