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The Intersection Between Deeply-Held Religious Beliefs, Gender & Politics. What Would Jesus Do?

Separation of Church and State Permanent Page Added

ENCORE PRESENTATION. With the 2020 Presidential Primary Season well underway, I thought it was important to get this page published even while it is still under construction to point out the myriad reasons WHY it is time for a Constitutional Amendment granting Separation of Church & State.

Separation of Church & State Permanent Page

Whether we realize it or not, each Individual has Deeply-Held Personal Beliefs about Life.

These Beliefs can be Secular (Religious/Spiritual) or Non-Secular but they shape our Personal Philosophies in the way we live our lives.

With the increasing Diversity of Cultures in the US, it appears that "Conservative Christians" are Hell-Bent on commandeering our Government.

Actually in my Belief, I gotta question if the word Conservative is even applicable anymore. Think of the Radical attacks on Abortion Clinics due to the Deeply-Held Christian Belief that Abortion is Murder & a Sin.

There are people in my family that think this way. Some of these same family members might also be Hypocrites, but I digress.

In Christian Teachings, Jesus was Born, Lived & Died to save us from Sin.

Following this line of thinking, Christians can say a Prayer for a Woman who has received Abortion Services, but should not force their will on the rest of the country in the Legislature.