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The Intersection Between Deeply-Held Religious Beliefs, Gender & Politics. What Would Jesus Do?

Separation of Church and State Permanent Page Added

ENCORE PRESENTATION. With the 2020 Presidential Primary Season well underway, I thought it was important to get this page published even while it is still under construction to point out the myriad reasons WHY it is time for a Constitutional Amendment granting Separation of Church & State.

Whether we realize it or not, each Individual has Deeply-Held Personal Beliefs about Life.

These Beliefs can be Secular (Religious/Spiritual) or Non-Secular but they shape our Personal Philosophies in the way we live our lives.

With the increasing Diversity of Cultures in the US, it appears that "Conservative Christians" are Hell-Bent on commandeering our Government.

Actually in my Belief, I gotta question if the word Conservative is even applicable anymore. Think of the Radical attacks on Abortion Clinics due to the Deeply-Held Christian Belief that Abortion is Murder & a Sin.

There are people in my family that think this way. Some of these same family members might also be Hypocrites, but I digress.

In Christian Teachings, Jesus was Born, Lived & Died to save us from Sin.

Following this line of thinking, Christians can say a Prayer for a Woman who has received Abortion Services, but should not force their will on the rest of the country in the Legislature.

All of this assumes that the entire country is Christian. It is not.

I do happen to be Christian.

In my belief, Jesus Saves.

There is no stipulation that He will "Forgive this Sin but not that."

Which brings me back to the Deeply-Held Christian Belief that Eve was responsible for Original Sin: Eating the Apple in the Garden of Eden.

In my Belief, this is SLANDEROUS MISOGYNY in the Church. From the beginning.

When it comes to Deeply-Held Slanderous Beliefs, "You can Repeat a Lie & Repeat a Lie & Repeat a Lie, & at the end of the day it is still a Lie."

Repeating a Lie does NOT make it True.

It is a Deeply-Held Christian Belief that is WRONG.

Enter the 2020 Presidential Primary.

Can a WOMAN ever get Elected to the highest office in our land when WOMEN are being SLANDERED IN THE CHURCH?

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