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404 Page Error on iPhone and Android. Fixing the Hal 9000

UPDATE. My Blog has a New Address this morning https://lisaannettestanley.wixsite.com/revolvingdoor/blog

The change of address happened late yesterday afternoon just before I turned my PC off for the evening.

I knew the change was coming as I just didn't have the Funds to pay for another year.

My Web Hosting Service does has Free Web Site packages but they will not connect a Domain Name to a Free Site. (Domain Names are only $25 so I am keeping that, but who knows when I will be able to get my Old Address Reconnected to the Page again.)

This Web Page has felt more like an expensive Hobby that COSTS ME MONEY rather than a Small Business that makes money for the ENTIRE THREE YEARS I've been doing this.

I think the thing that pisses me off the most is all of my Broken Links from 3 years-worth of Blog Posts. It's hit-or-miss as far as which ones still work. Despite me spending AN ENTIRE DAY of Unpaid Labor building this Blog Post along with a "404 Re-Direct Page" SPECIFICALLY for an instance like this, it goes to some random Domain Not Connected Page.

Needless to say I've got quite a bit of Tech Support ahead of me & a Phone Call to my Web Hosting Service to see what if anything can be done to Reconnect my Blog Post Links without me having to do it manually one by one by one for THREE YEARS WORTH OF POSTS.

It would take me from now until Christmas to fix everything manually.