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47 Reasons to Ratify the Equal Rights Amendment in 2023

UPDATE. Political Deliberate Disinformation & Material Misinformation is still alive & well as the Republican Congress is poised to continue REPEATING THE BIG LIE that the Apprentice President had the Election stolen in 2020.

There WAS a Stolen Election.

It was in 2016 when the Fake President STOLE THE PRESIDENCY from Hillary Clinton - yet she did the right thing & did not fight him on it.

It is not just a RECKLESS DISREGARD for the Truth, it is a COMPLETE & TOTAL FAILURE TO VERIY.

On January 6, 2023 - 2 years after the Trumplican Big Lie CAUSED a violent Insurrection in the US Capital, it took 15 Votes of Congress this week for Kevin McCarthy to be Elected Speaker of the House.

Trump summoned a Mob, he lit the fire & THE ARSONIST BURNED HIS OWN HOUSE DOWN.

Screaming FIRE in a Crowded Theater is THE BENCHMARK of Unprotected Speech.



Resolve to treat People as Individuals in 2023.

Here is a Blog Post from Women's History Month of 2020.



So that's a wrap on Women's History Month for 2020. I hope this information on WHY Ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment remains so important.

We study the past to improve lives in our present & future.

Lack of Civility & Common Decency in the way people treat each other is out of control, giving rise to rampant Bullying. Scroll any Social Media posting on any platform & we can see the mean-spirited vitriol being spewed in the comments.

Social Media has become as bad or worse than TV Dramas, & who likes Drama???

It's awful.

Yes, the First Amendment guarantees Free Speech, but PEOPLE should think twice before they speak. "Does this help, or does this hurt?"

Tomorrow is the first day of April & I can guarantee it will be "Open-Season on Women" because it is the 4th Month of the year.

I won't be Blogging every day like I did for the month of March, although I will be highlighting how the lack of Civility & sheer SCORN impacted my ability to work in a Traditional Job as opposed to starting a Business.

Providing free content on a daily basis with almost zero sales is exhausting & disheartening, particularly doing this with no staff other than me. It is not just the ideas, the writing, the posts that I'm still posting manually because parts of my Webpage are broken.

It's also all of the behind the scenes stuff like the technology & the Monetization of my Content.

Monetization through Paid ADVERTISING is how Traditional News Outlets of any kind are able to provide the News every day for Free.

Whether Print, TV or Radio, these companies are not selling anything whether Product or Service.

It is Free Content.

Think about it.

Unless you're ordering a Movie on Pay-Per-View you don't directly pay a TV Station to watch the "News."

It is Free Content.

They are 100% Advertiser-Funded, meaning they Sell Ads/Commercials that enable them to provide Free Content to the Public.

I do currently have Ads running on the Smart Phone Ap but cannot get it on the Desktop version of my Page to save my life. So I need to spend my time TEACHING MYSELF how to do that.

It's broken & I don't know how to fix it.

For Readers in my Blog, if you don't buy My Book, perhaps you may like what my Advertisers are offering. Please feel free to Buy what they're Selling.

It's a Win - Win - Win all the way around.

But please, Buy my Book. It's only $7 & I sure would Thank YOU. :)

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