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47 Reasons to Ratify the Equal Rights Amendment in 2023

UPDATE. Political Deliberate Disinformation & Material Misinformation is still alive & well as the Republican Congress is poised to continue REPEATING THE BIG LIE that the Apprentice President had the Election stolen in 2020.

There WAS a Stolen Election.

It was in 2016 when the Fake President STOLE THE PRESIDENCY from Hillary Clinton - yet she did the right thing & did not fight him on it.

It is not just a RECKLESS DISREGARD for the Truth, it is a COMPLETE & TOTAL FAILURE TO VERIY.

On January 6, 2023 - 2 years after the Trumplican Big Lie CAUSED a violent Insurrection in the US Capital, it took 15 Votes of Congress this week for Kevin McCarthy to be Elected Speaker of the House.

Trump summoned a Mob, he lit the fire & THE ARSONIST BURNED HIS OWN HOUSE DOWN.

Screaming FIRE in a Crowded Theater is THE BENCHMARK of Unprotected Speech.