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April 30th. Now is the Time to Ratify the Equal Rights Amendment

When the State of Virginia Ratified the Equal Rights Amendment into their State Constitution in January of 2020, the previous Administration issued a Directive through the Department of Justice preventing the National Archivist from Publishing the Equal Rights Amendment into the Constitution.

That is literally all that is needed for Ratification.

So I have held off until now to give any kind of official Feedback or constructive criticism in my Blog of the First Presidential Address of the Biden Administration on April 28th.

While it was nice to listen to a President speak with decency without the "saber rattling" of the previous "President," when the Equal Rights Amendment finally DOES get Ratified it will be the 28th Amendment to our Constitution.

Being born on Friday the 13th, those numbers are my #1 pet peeve ever. While I struggle to "do the Math," I do get those NUMBERS.

NUMBERS should be a Communication Tool, not a Weapon to Passive Aggressively attack WOMEN.

Used as a Tool, Numbers are helpful in telling us "How many?"

"How much?"

And "What Time is it?"

Yet NUMBERS have been WEAPONIZED against WOMEN.

Given the fact that the previous "President" couldn't speak without Lying - verifiably so - it's hard to call out dishonesty within my own party.

In fact it is this unwillingness of Republicans to call out the lies of the previous President that make Legislation like HR1 the For the People Act so necessary.

You cannot tell me that our Democratic President is unaware of the 28th Amendment, yet he chose to give his First 100 Days in Office Address with NO MENTION AT ALL WHAT-SO-EVER on April 28th when the speech was given.

Additionally, anyone who even remotely keeps up with the News is aware of Media & Social Media Campaigns to "Stop Hate."

Yet nobody seems to have a problem with Society Blaming WOMEN for those NUMBERS.

It is STUNNINGLY Dishonest.

There was the mistaken notion in some of the Facebook comments that the President had actually talked about the ERA in the speech, pointing out that he did speak about the Reauthorization of the Violence Against Women Act.

This is true & not surprising, a fact I pointed out all during Women's History Month back in March.

He wrote it.

He did also talk about Women's issues like Paycheck Fairness - this was good, but also not a part of the Equal Rights Amendment. Most accurately this has to do with the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act.

I think the thing that made me the most sad was that the First Lady - who is a School Teacher - didn't encourage him to give his address on a day that wasn't so Insulting to WOMEN.

I wondered what all of the Math Teachers out there - particularly Female Math Teachers were thinking?

This speech could have been given the week before or the week after the first 100 days.

He could have addressed this by SPECIFCALLY mentioning the 28th Amendment yet he chose to do neither of those things.

While my overall Report Card on the President's first 100 days would be an an A- or a B+ he FAILED MISERABLY IN MATH.

Today is April 30th.

NOW would be a good time to Ratify the 28th Amendment - the Equal Rights Amendment into Law.

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