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Big Brother is Watching. Just Not at the Alley Theater. Women’s Suffrage Centennial

Big Brother is Watching. Just Not at the Alley Theater. Women’s History Month Day 7

UPDATE. Numbers Matter. Words Matter. Today is WEDNESDAY August 4th, NOT "Hump Day." And it will be a day where WOMEN are openly blatantly attacked over those NUMBERS. Can Broadcasters on all of the major Networks please STOP referring to WEDNESDAY as "Hump Day?"

When Language is understood & everyone knows what you are saying, you might as well be saying that other "Four Letter Word."

It is NOT OK.

Encore Presentation. Original Post for Women's History Month, March 2020. I really view this as SLANDER OF WOMEN AS A CLASS OF PEOPLE. Whoever staged this Production was not exactly engendering LOVE for their Mothers, Wives & Daughters.



With Texas just having voted in our 2020 Presidential Primary with a record number of WOMEN running to be our 46th President & the start of Women’s History Month, I was so hopeful that the Alley Theater’s presentation of George Orwell’s “1984” would help with the rampant Misogyny American Women face in today’s society.

It did not.

With one white woman & four men - two black, two white in the cast, the stage adaptation of the book fell short from concept to stage design to message.