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Call the Senate to Save Ruth Bader-Ginsberg's Supreme Court Seat. ObamaCARE is on the Line

The disgraceful Trumplican Power-Grab for control of the Supreme Court for the SOLE PURPOSE of overturning ObamaCARE, for reversing Roe/VS/Wade & refusal to Ratify the Equal Rights Amendment wasted no time in pouncing on the vacated seat on the Supreme Court when Justice Ruth Bader-Ginsberg died last week.

The Court is scheduled to hear arguments in California/vs/Texas on November 10, just one week after the Presidential Election which is already underway in some states.

Like so many Americans this fight is PERSONAL for me.

This is my Grandmommy Ruth Brown Reep (seated Bottom Right wearing Glasses) with her graduating Class from Nursing School after my Poppy died in 1964.

She was Widowed with two little kids at home - my Aunt & Uncle - that she needed to provide for.

So she went to Nursing School.

Now I'm the Grandmommy of a Critically-Ill Grandchild who depends on Medicaid for survival.

The current Supreme Court Case California/v/Texas is over ObamaCARE.

I have called Texas Senators Ted Cruz & John Cornyn until I'm blue in the face imploring them to stop their attacks on the ACA & to Expand Medicaid - which the State of Texas refuses to do.

This morning, I urge anyone reading this to Contact your Senators by Phone, by Email or Both to STOP the Unethical & hypocritical rush to fill RBG's Supreme Court Vacancy until AFTER this year's Presidential Election.


(202) 224-3121

I also call on Texas Governor Greg Abbott to DROP THE SUIT AGAINST OBAMACARE & encourage you to do the same.


ObamaCARE Saves Lives.

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