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Communications Coding, Signing and Signaling. Publish ERA

UPDATE. August. The 8th Month of the year. It is always a time of mixed emotions for me with some of the happiest times & some of the most heart-breaking times. My Grandma's Birthday is August 19th. My Mom died on August 12, 2012.

And of course August is the peak of Hurricane Season which is never fun to live through.

This August 2020 is also Women's Suffrage Centennial Month in remembrance of the 100th Anniversary of the 19th Amendment that granted WOMEN the Right to Vote.

When we study the History of the past, it is to improve lives in the Present & Future.

Here in the Present, WOMEN are blamed for the Days on the Calendar, the Time on the Clock & the Words that we Speak.

This is the very Definition of MISOGYNY: Hate Speech against WOMEN.

Let's Ratify the Equal Rights Amendment in honor of the Women's Suffrage Centennial - not just in recognition of past achievements, but for the Right Reasons: ending Hate Speech, ending BULLYING, ending MISOGYNY & improving lives for all of us.

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