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Covid19 Social Responsibility. Drop the ACA Suit & Pass the Heroes Act.

HealthCARE is my Livelihood. With the News that President PineSol is now Hospitalized with Covid19 it is extremely hard to bite my tongue & be nice. I am actually furiously LIVID at the unnecessary loss of more than 200,000 American Lives due to his BUNGLING of the Pandemic.

Social Responsibility Amid Covid-19

Trump & several of his Staff, Political Appointees & other Members of the Trumplican Leadership in the Party of Trump have also been INFECTED with this Highly Contagious, Communicable DEADLY DISEASE known as Covid-19:

Personal Assistant Hope Hicks

Senator Mike Lee

Senator Thom Tillis

Trump Campaign Manager Bill Stepiens

Senator Ron Johnson

Former White House Spokesperson Kelly Anne Conway

Former Governor Chris Christie is now also Hospitalized after being INFECTED with Covid-19.

And let's not forget Supreme Court Nominee Amy Coney Barrett who may likely be "Patient Zero" for the recent run on Covid-19 Infections in President PineSol's Inner Circle.