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Dead Sea Scrolls: EVIDENCE of Censorship of the Bible.

I've been intending to put this in a free-standing piece for a while now. With everything going on in American Politics these days including the power-struggle for control of the Supreme Court in an UNETHICAL RUSH to fill Justice Ruth Bader-Ginsburg's vacant seat, it provides a fresh new perspective on Biblical Teachings.

What if what we've been taught has been wrong all along?

Evidence that several books of the Bible were edited out were discovered in 1947:  The Dead Sea Scrolls.  I saw this exhibit for myself at the Houston Museum of Natural Science when it was here.  I am only just now beginning to understand what I saw with my own two eyes in 2005.

The Ancient lies began from the beginning & center around the role of Women.

The Book of Genesis teaches us that Adam & Eve were the first people on Earth: that Eve was fashioned from Man's rib & given to him.

The story in the Jewish Torah is very different.  According to the Torah, Adam was the first person on Earth to go through a divorce.  The Jewish holy book states that Adam's first wife, Lilith was created from dust the same as Adam to be his EQUAL COMPANION - not his property.  Not being Jewish, I don't know that much about Lilith & from the bits & pieces I read or heard, I think she was much maligned by history - just as Eve was blamed for Original Sin: eating the apple.

Wasn't Eve beguiled by the serpent - who was said to be Satan in disguise???  That IS the Christian Biblical teaching, right???

In truth the early women of the Bible & other World Religions were the 1st feminist to practice celibacy - much like Catholic Priest & Nuns swear a vow of celibacy.  The Church & humanity needed women to crank out children like baby factories for procreation of the species. 

Mortality back then was high, not only due to disease & famine, but also from falling victim to the Holy Wars being waged by societies.

I was shocked to learn that one of the books discovered in 1947 was written by St Peter himself & dealt with another early feminist:  Thecla. 

So what does this have to do with American Politics & the Supreme Court?

To begin with, it provides a perspective on Biblical History from a perspective that we may not have thought of before.

Consider this: Democrats & Republicans can look at a set of fact & come up with very different conclusions on what they mean.

Christianity is not a "Paint by Numbers Religion."

Nor is the Bible, the "Word of God" written by one person.

Most accurately it is an Anthology of Short Stories by several Authors.

Catholics don't agree with Protestants & there are countless DOZENS of Protestant Denominations who also don't agree with each other.

In fact, the Bible itself is filled with Ancient acts of mayhem, murder & treachery.

Why else would we need the Ten Commandments?

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