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DeEscalation Training. Dispute Resolution & Non-Retaliation

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Yesterday's criminal activity in the Hallowed Halls of Congress during the Certification of Electoral Ballots for the 2020 Election is a direct result of grown adults not knowing how to calm themselves down.

The out-going President, "the Real Donald Trump" has been escalating & escalating & escalating his quote/unquote Base of Supporters with the same rhetoric we've had to listen to through-out his "Presidency" - the same rhetoric that the American people are tired of hearing & the same rhetoric that caused him to lose the Election.

Several Capitol Hill Reporters on the various Stations I saw recognized the Rights of the "Protesters" to speak their minds & the Right to Protest under the 1st Amendment.

This was NOT a Peaceful Protest like when WOMEN took to the streets in January of 2017 when the Women's March formally organized.

And the World Marched with in Solidarity with us.


The main impression I get from the entire Country being "woke" to their Civil Rights, is that they are unaware of their Duties & Responsibilities: