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DeEscalation Training. Dispute Resolution & Non-Retaliation

If there is one point & only one point I could get across it is this: People are Individuals.

Yesterday was the Academy of Country Music Awards on CBS. I didn't watch. Next up on the Awards Show Circuit is the Oscar Awards on ABC. I won't be watching that either.

And this month, the Month of April - the 4th Month of the year, has been a whiplash of good news/bad news" as always.

People "living vicariously through their quote/unquote actors" is how the Apprentice President "won" the 2016 Election.

Whatever we see when we turn on the TV whether good or bad it is THOSE PEOPLE & none of us.

Not you.

Not me.

None of us.

It is those people - whether accepting an Academy Award or facing trial for "murder by cop."

The whiplash of bad news continues today with the Closing Arguments in the Floyd/Chauvin trial after a $27 Million settlement from the City of Minneapolis paid to the family of George Floyd.

The country is still a tinderbox of street riots due to excessive force by law enforcement & wrongful death by cop.

These same societal phenomenon had a profound effect on me when I wrote my 2017 EBook "Yes, I'd Like to Thank the Academy: How to Tame the Red Carpet in YOUR Office."

Whatever the Verdict, let's hope the country doesn't get burned to the ground again.

It seems to me that BROADCASTERS have an obligation to De-Escalate the Public.

Back in January after radicalized extremists who refer to themselves as "Conservatives" stormed our Nation's Capitol I release Chapter 12 of my EBook On DeEscalation Training. Dispute Resolution & Non-Retaliation Below.

Read Chapter 12 of "Yes, I'd Like to Thank The Academy: How to Tame the Red Carpet in YOUR Office" for FREE.

Yesterday's criminal activity in the Hallowed Halls of Congress during the Certification of Electoral Ballots for the 2020 Election is a direct result of grown adults not knowing how to calm themselves down.

The out-going President, "the Real Donald Trump" has been escalating & escalating & escalating his quote/unquote Base of Supporters with the same rhetoric we've had to listen to through-out his "Presidency" - the same rhetoric that the American people are tired of hearing & the same rhetoric that caused him to lose the Election.

Several Capitol Hill Reporters on the various Stations I saw recognized the Rights of the "Protesters" to speak their minds & the Right to Protest under the 1st Amendment.

This was NOT a Peaceful Protest like when WOMEN took to the streets in January of 2017 when the Women's March formally organized.

And the World Marched with in Solidarity with us.


The main impression I get from the entire Country being "woke" to their Civil Rights, is that they are unaware of their Duties & Responsibilities:

Rights Come With TREMENDOUS Responsibilities.

This would be a good place for a basic Civics 101 Lesson, as I related in terms of the Covid-19 Crisis on this Page Here.

Thankfully yesterday, the Counting of the Votes did continue, & many Republican Elected Officials FINALLY denounced the Bully in the White House, Certifying the Vote in favor of President-Elect Biden.

Now the hard work of healing our Divided States of America begins.

Let's start HERE.

This morning I am releasing Chapter 12 DeEscation Training: Dispute Resolution & Non-Retaliation in it's entirety for FREE..

The full EBook available below on Amazon.

$7 Digital Download.

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