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  • lisaannettestanley

Discrimination is NEVER Ok. Disney's Portrayal of Femme Fatale' "Cruella" is Misogyny

At a time when America is going through its' long-overdue Racial Reckoning & the Mega-Media behemoth Disney themselves are scouring their back catalog for "Racially Insensitive Movies," they have the STUNNING NERVE to attack WOMEN - ALL WOMEN - with yet another spinoff of 101 Dalmatians.

As if the original wasn't Misogynistic enough, "Cruella" is an infuriating slap in the face to ALL WOMEN.

As a person who has been in Bi-Racial Relationships in the past, I would participate more in in the National Racial Reckoning if the Media wasn't so BLATANTLY SEXIST.

And it keeps getting worse.

I am literally watching the Media try to fix Racism on the backs of WOMEN.

When "Disney+" rolled out in 2020, along with their Streaming Platform Hulu, the "Stories Matter" Campaign & Website were launched along with Advisory Statements on such Disney Movies as the Aristocats, Dumbo, Peter Pa