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  • lisaannettestanley

Emotional Intelligence as a Social Science

Civility. Decency. Respect. Integrity. They all seem like pretty easy concepts to understand.

So why are they lacking in today's Society?

Lack of Emotional Intelligence.

The basis of Emotional Intelligence has less to do with how "smart" you are & everything to do with how NICE you are.

The Cartoon Character known as the #ApprenticePresident still doesn't seem to get it. And neither do his "Base."

He is a Bully & Bullying is NOT OK.

Thankfully the Political Season is winding down. And hopefully the American people WILL decide that PERSONALILTY DOES MATTER.

Policies MATTER.


It's been really hard listening to the misleading, fear mongering Political Advertising in particular with respect to ObamaCARE & Taxes.

It's all a question of wha