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Florence Nightingale. Women's History Month Day 9

Florence Nightingale, Mother of Modern Nursing

Thank You Health Care Professionals who are the front lines of protecting the Public Health. While Covid-19 is still with us, there is a light at the end of the tunnel with three vaccines being administered to the public.

In fact, I will be offline much of today as I roll up my sleeve & get my first dose of the Vaccine.

Social Responsibility Amid Covid-19

With Health care being in the forefront of EVERYONE'S mind, I thought this would be a good time to have a look at some of the contributions of Women in Medicine, beginning with Florence Nightingale the "Mother of Modern Nursing."

Florence was born in May of 1892 and died in August of 1910 during at time of Social Reform in Europe & back here in the US:


Nurses are the life-blood of the Medical Community. We thank you for putting your Health at risk to protect ours.

When my Poppy died of a heart attack in 1964, I was a three-year-old little girl. My Grandmommy Ruth went to Nursing School so she could support herself & my Aunt & Uncle.

My Grandmommy is my "She-ro."

My Grandmommy Ruth with Graduating Class from Nursing School

ObamaCARE & MediCARE

While much has been written about Florence Nightingale, she is the exception.

Let's write WOMEN into the History Books in recognition of their contributions to society.

Let's Ratify the Equal Rights Amendment.

And Let's get to work.

Welcome to Women's History Month Day 9.

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