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Girls Self Esteem Project by Dove. Ratify the Equal Rights Amendment

Women need Ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment for so many reasons, including the impossible stereotypes that girls grow up hearing in Modern Society.

Stereotypes that are made so much worse by the advent of the "Selfie."

As a person with a Bachelor's Degree in Sociology, I can tell you that Female Stereotypes were not invented by the iPhone, the Smart Phone or the "selfish-Selfies," but it has amplified the notion of what beauty looks like & our sense of ourselves as individuals, based on what we see in the mirror & how much we define ourselves based on the opinions of others.

These stereotypes go all the way back to the Teeny-Bop magazines of the 60s & 70s like "Self" "Seventeen" & "Tiger Beat."

This is part of the decades-long Objectification of Women.

We see this Beauty Pageants like Miss America, Miss World, Miss Universe & the Victoria Secret Fashion Show.

It has caused the rise in Plastic Surgery:

Boob jobs

Nose Jobs

Lipo-Suction & and Botox Injections.

All because Women & Girls are told that their value in Society comes from the outside, not the inside.

ALL people have a right to feel good about themselves no matter what they look like.

For several years now, Dove has had their Self Esteem Project for Girls.

In fact, I included them on a permanent page on my Website that highlights how we as a society can end all forms of Prejudice & Discrimination

Here is the newest TV Ad for the Dove Self Esteem Project that has recently begun airing.

It encourages people to think about the unconscious process by which we develop our own individual sense of self.

Kids deserve to grow up with a healthy self identity that is neither over or underrated.

This is one aspect of Emotional Intelligence.

Some people refer to Emotional Intelligence as Social Emotional Learning.

What ever we call it, at the end of the day it is about Equality & respect that goes both ways: mutual respect.

The Equal Rights Amendment is about Equality for 100% of everyone, but with the rise of "Intersectional Feminism," what message is being sent to White Women & Girls?

The term "Intersectional Feminism" refers to Women of Color.

What message is this sending to little White Girls?

In my opinion, coming up with an additional word is counter intuitive & not at all helpful for ANYONE.

It points out the various different ways that people are DIFFERENT.

In Sociology this phenomenon is called Labeling.

To end Prejudice & Discrimination of ALL KINDS - including Sex-based Gender discrimination, we need to stop "pre-judging people based on appearance" like "of Color."

While well-intended to help, I feel it does more harm than good.

For more ideas on how to fix Prejudice & Discrimination for 100% of everyone, Get "Yes, I'd Like to Thank the Academy: How To Tame the Red Carpet in YOUR Office," HERE.

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