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Girls Self Esteem Project by Dove. Ratify the Equal Rights Amendment

UPDATE. May Day for the ERA is happening in several States across the Country today, though not surprisingly I haven't heard of any organized efforts here in Houston. (Note. The ERA has ALREADY been Ratified. All it needs is publication into the Federal Register.)

Yesterday on 4/30, the National Archivist retired without publishing the Equal Rights Amendment into the US Constitution.

There is no reason that the Interim Archivist can't fulfill the Ministerial Duty of the Office of the National Archivist by entering the ERA into the National Register & publishing the updated Constitution. That position is not about one person & the Nation's business will continue during the search for a permanent replacement.

Women need Ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment for so many reasons, including the impossible stereotypes that girls grow up hearing in Modern Society.

Stereotypes that are made so much worse by the advent of the "Selfie."