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Give Mom the Gift of Equality. Ratify the ERA

These days, Feminist groups are banding together to FINALLY get the Equal Rights Amendment Ratified into our National Constitution.

There are so many myriad reasons why this piece of Legislation is needed to level the playing field for WOMEN, including my number 1 Factor, Income Inequality.

Income Inequality is my #1 motivating factor for opening this Web Page.

Today is May 4th.

Tomorrow on Cinco de Mayo, the Equal Rights Amendment will be heard in the United States Court of Appeals for the 1st Circuit as Equal Means Equal defends the Ratification of this much-needed piece of Legislation.

The Hearing will be broadcast on YouTube HERE tomorrow morning

ALL Women will benefit from Ratification of the ERA.

Not just White English-speaking Women.


Our society is so "woke" these days calling for Racial reckoning of all kinds, but it is widely-accepted that it's OK to BLAME WOMEN for the Days on the Calendar, the Time on the Clock & the Words that we speak.</