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Give Mom the Gift of Equality. Ratify the ERA

UPDATE. Tomorrow, May 8th is Mother's Day this year. Both Democrats & Republicans continue to chip away at Women's Civil Rights by not demanding that the President direct the National Archivist to publish the Equal Rights Amendment.

The latest insult hailing from the Supreme Court where all three Trump appointees LIED about not overturning Roe/V/Wade to get confirmed to the Federal Bench.

Judges committing PERJURY.

Kavanaugh, Gorsuch & Barrett all three LIED.

WOMEN need the Equal Rights Amendment to protect all of our Civil Rights, not just the right to a Safe & PRIVATE Abortion.

Abortion is the most personal, private HEALTHCARE decision a woman can make that is NONE OF ANYONE'S BUSINESS & should already be protected under HIPAA.

BTW - Why have the "Powers that Be" scheduled RACING for Mother's Day Weekend???

Are you SEXIST???


Today is the Kentucky Derby - RACING Horses.

There is also NASCAR Racing this weekend.


Why are you Racing against WOMEN???

No wonder we can't get the ERA Ratified - you're too busy ATTACKING US

Happy(?) Mother's Day. Publish the ERA


There are so many myriad reasons why this piece of Legislation is needed to level the playing field for WOMEN, including my number #1 Factor: Income Inequality.

Income Inequality is my #1 motivating factor for opening this Web Page in 2017.

Today is May 4th.

Tomorrow on Cinco de Mayo, the Equal Rights Amendment will be heard in the United States Court of Appeals for the 1st Circuit as Equal Means Equal defends the Ratification of this much-needed piece of Legislation.

The Hearing will be broadcast on YouTube HERE tomorrow morning

ALL Women will benefit from Ratification of the ERA.

Not just White English-speaking Women.


Our society is so "woke" these days calling for Racial reckoning of all kinds, but it is widely-accepted that it's OK to BLAME WOMEN for the Days on the Calendar, the Time on the Clock & the Words that we speak.

It is trying to fix Racism with Sexism/Misogyny, a fact made so much worse by the harsh Rhetoric of the Previous President with his Border Wall & Deportations.

The screams of White Supremacy have been God-awful to listen to, particularly for a person like me who "has a long History of 'going there' TO HELP."

People are Individuals.

Until Discrimination of all kinds can be eradicated, people need to speak in terms of PREJUDICE.

Learning the principles of Emotional Intelligence can go a long way to Fix this the RIGHT WAY.

Consider this.

WOMEN did NOT write the Dictionary, yet all kinds of Communications - in Words & Numbers - have been WEAPONIZED against us.

My April 1st & sometimes April 15th Blog Post every year that I've been doing this is called

30 Days of Discrimination Against Women

It addresses the Toxic Hostility that WOMEN face at work. It talks about what happened to me on my FIRST DAY AT WORK IN A NEW JOB.

Below is yet another example of the very same thing - Hostile Toxicity at work:

This was the second predominantly Hispanic Company that I worked for. You will notice the Company NAME is not present. And I have no interest in calling them out out - but rather highlight WHY stuff like this is a problem.

While we had a good mix of Male & Female Counselors, I was the only White person in the room.

The first Hispanic Company I worked for was the Spanish Yellow Pages.

One of the first Web Pages I ever built is still on Google Sites. Clearly from reading it, I'm not Bilingual - but I tried. All translations for my page were done with Babel Fish.

The Spanish Yellow Pages stopped US Operations a couple months after I started so I never finished the Page.

This Internal Document from the other Hispanic Company that I worked for, was private & not intended for the Public.

It was designed to increase sales.

Not only was it not motivating, it was actually pretty INSULTING.

It does NOTHING TO HELP smooth over Race Relations.

In fact, it actually proves my point that Racism goes BOTH WAYS.

Anyone can be Racist.

So, until we can eradicate Discrimination OF ALL KINDS, we should speak in terms of PREJUDICE.

Happy Cinco de Mayo.

Happy May the 4th.

May the 4th Be With You.

And Happy Mother's Day.

Let's Ratify the Equal Rights Amendment for Mother's Day.

We need it.

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