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Give Moms What We Really Want for Mother's Day: E.R.A

ERA for Mother's Day isn't just some cutsie little slogan. The Equal Rights Amendment will give WOMEN a Constitutional Basis for EVERY ISSUE including MOTHERHOOD itself.

The methodical way the Trump Administration packed the Supreme Court with "Conservative" Judges had the ultimate GOAL of over-turning Roe VS Wade.

Motherhood should be a CHOICE - not the FORCED ENSLAVEMENT OF WOMEN by the MEN who impregnated them & can just walk away if they choose.

Of course the Equal Rights Amendment does more for Women than Contraception, Birth Control & Motherhood - like for example GIVING US THE RIGHT TO OUR OWN MONEY & PROPRETY just for starters - but today is all about us Moms.

Happy Mother's Day to ALL Moms.


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