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"Happy" 100th Birthday Equal Rights Amendment?

On March 22, 1923 the Equal Rights Amendment was officially introduced into Congress & the 100-year fight to INCLUDE WOMEN in the Constitution continues.

Both of the last two Administrations have been fighting the Publication of the ERA in the Supreme Court, even MORE STUNNING is that the Biden/Harris Presidential Campaign MADE A CAMPAIGN PROMISE TO WOMEN that they have reneged on.

Even more jaw-dropping is that Vice President Harris was on the Senate Constitution Committee at time of Ratification & she has been bending over backwards to undermine its' validity.

We have a Separation of Powers for a reason & the Executive Branch of this Administration is in Dereliction of Duty & Abuse of their Power in FAILING TO PUBLISH the Equal Rights Amendment.

Americans are actually in a CONSTITUTIONAL CRISIS that have allowed Sexism & EXTREME MISOGYNY - the Hatred of Women to flourish in Pop Culture - particularly in Black Music that PROFITS FROM SEXIST SLURS CALLING WOMEN BITCH.

Oh...And by the way,

We WOMEN aren't so wild about the COLOR PINK EITHER.


Thank you.

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