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Happy Juneteenth. Rest in Peace Mary Boer <3

Mary's Boer's Painting of a Zulu Warrior. Happy Juneteenth

UPDATE. 2022 is the first year that the Texas Holiday, Juneteenth is formally recognized as a Federal Holiday. How did some Houston-born Black Musicians celebrate the Holiday this year?

By releasing Slanderous Hate Speech against Women in advance of Juneteenth, as if Women had something to do with slavery.

No. We did not.

Historically speaking, WOMEN were the PROPERTY of the men in their lives.

Yet the STUNNING Misogyny & Misogynoir are BREATH-TAKING.

Some of the most VISCOUS BLACK MUSIC comes from the Houston/Galveston area. Those "Artists" are from here, they live here.

Today is also Father's Day.

What if Juneteenth coincided with Mother's Day?

Would that help alleviate the out of control SEXISM in Houston, Texas & the rest of the Country.

Bullying is a Problem in America. Hate Speech leads to Hate Crimes & Violence Against WOMEN. Women NEED the protection of the Equal Rights Amendment, VAWA & a Congressional Hate Speech Bill for those Sexist Slurs in Black Music.


ENCORE PRESENTATION. Juneteenth is the annual Celebration of word reaching Galveston, Texas that two years earlier President Abraham Lincoln had signed the Emancipation Proclamation & all slaves were now free.

This Juneteenth, I won't be online very much.

I will be joining the celebration of the life of my Mother-In-Law, Mary Boer, the artist who painted this painting. Mary died on June 12, 2020 after a lengthy stay in Hospice Care with Alzheimer's Disease.

Mary Boer was a prolific painter. All of us have several of her paintings in our homes.

My Daughter has this one.

I couldn't think of a more fitting tribute for this Day to honor my children's Grandmother who is being buried this morning & this important Texas Holiday.

So as I was preparing this Post this morning while watching the morning News, came the announcement that Senator Amy Klobuchar has dropped out of consideration of Running Mate for Joe Biden's Presidential bid.

There are no words for how disappointed I am in her this morning.

We have had a Black President.

You may have heard of him.

It is this guy

1st Black President in US History.  President Barack Obama

I think it is a foregone conclusion that Joe Biden will be our next President.

Joe Biden is a good & decent man with the experience to get the job done should he win.

The NAME Joe is about as common of a NAME as you can get.

I would be willing to wager that every American in this country knows 5 men named Joe, including my Brother-In-Law Joe, whose Mother we are burying today.

Playing the NAME GAME in Politics is causing problems among INDIVIDUALS.

I'm still upset over the failure to VOTE FOR HILLARY CLINTON because of her NAME.

It's just an indisputable FACT.

For example.....

I did a LOT of Volunteering during the Mid-Term Elections in 2018, & to THIS DAY, I am still being BULLIED ONLINE because of the NAME of the former Harris County Clerk:

Stan Stanart is a MAN. A Republican MAN.

I am a Democratic WOMAN.

There are a couple words that spring to my mind:



And you are Welcome.

I am NOT running for Elected Office.

I am NOT on the Ballot.


Happy Juneteenth & Rest in Peace Mary Boer. 7/19/1924-6/12/2020. <3

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