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Happy National Nurses Week. Publish the ERA

My Grandmommy Ruth Brown Reep (seated bottom rights wearing glasses) with her Graduating Class from Nursing School
Ruth Brown Reep with her Graduating Class from Nursing School

The Women's Health Protection Act, HR 3755 that passed the House in 2021, will be Voted on in the Senate today, protecting Abortion Providers & the Patients receiving Medical CARE for these procedures.


This, in response to the leaked Supreme Court Opinion last week seeking to overturn Roe/V/Wade despite all 3 of the Court's newest appointees claiming that Roe was "Settled Law" & that they would not Vote against it - essentially committing PERJURY & LYING to Congress.

One more TIME.

Granting Women Constitutional Equality with the Equal Rights Amendment will enshrine WOMEN'S RIGHTS in the Constitution.

Not all Women need an Abortion, but ALL WOMEN DO NEED the protection of the Equality of the LAW under the ERA.

Demand that the President abide the Law & PUBLISH the already-Ratified Equal Rights Amendment to save Roe & ALL of Women's Civil Rights.

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