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Happy Veterans Day Ladies

While we Democrats didn't get the massive #BlueWave we were hoping for in Election 2020 we are so Thankful that President-Elect Biden & Madam Vice President Harris are wasting no time in putting together their Transition Team in preparation to lead this Nation.

Even as the #ApprenticePresident refuses to concede his loss of the Election, still making wildly unhinged claims of Voter Fraud & Election Rigging even in States with Republican Governors, the fact that so many Republican Legislators retained their seats, say otherwise.

On this #VeteransDay I would like to Thank two Female Senatorial Candidates that I supported as part of our Blue Wave efforts: Lieutenant Colonel Amy McGrath who ran against Republican Majority "Leader" Mitch McConnel & Texas' own Air Force Major Mary Jennings "MJ" Hegar who tried to unseat Texas Senator John Cornyn.

Thank You Ladies for your Service to our Country & your continued Bravery as part of our Blue Wave.

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