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HIPAA Privacy Rule & Highly Contagious Communicable Diseases

HIPPA. The Correlation Between HIV AIDS and Covid19

UPDATE. Below is a personal story about what I experienced with a very close personal friend during the HIV/AIDS scare in the early 1990s. Back then, nobody knew that you would literally need to be bending-over backwards trying to become infected. The Disease was so new that nothing was known about Transmission Methods or how people became Infected.

All we knew is that people were Dying from it.

Now we know that HIV/Aids is very Treatable & that people DO survive.

Covid-19 is very different.

It is HIGHLY CONTAGIOUS through Casual Contact of merely breathing the same air as an INFECTED person.

The Correlation Between HIV/AIDS and Covid19 beg some important ETHICAL questions between Privacy & Who has the Right to Know.


Much has been said about the current President's Reckless Endangerment of the Public Health from the beginning of the Covid-19 Crisis.

In the weeks after being Infected himself, he continues to endanger the Public Health with HIS Refusal to Release his Test Results.

HIPAA only prohibits Health Care Professionals from releasing Private Information.

The PATIENT THEMSELVES can Release whatever they want about their own PHI.

The Office of the Presidency is about as Public as you can get. While Presidents do have some reasonable expectation of Privacy, at the very least the American Public has a Right to Know that the Chain of Command is not in jeopardy due to a President's Health.


This man is not following the Advise of top Government Health Officials like any other Covid-19 Patient would have to follow.

Not only is he not Self-Quarantining, he is Recklessly Endangering the Health of others, continuing to hold Public Events, while failing to Release his Test Results.