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  • lisaannettestanley

Hostile Work Environments & Workplace Harassment. Publish the ERA

The Equal Rights Amendment will give Women Equal protection of ALL LAWS & help fill in the gaps for working women where Federal Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) Laws leave off.


Discrimination against Women is not only ACCEPTED in some parts of Society but is also REWARDED, such as Rap Music that creates HOSTILE PROPAGANDA. that CREATES Hostile Work Environments.

Women have had to endure 30 years of HATE SPEECH from Black Rappers that color the opinions of their listeners - including Employers & fellow Colleagues & Co-Workers.

When I complain about Rappers calling Women BITCH - that is the CLEAN VERSION, it gets MUCH WORSE than the "B-word."

The "B-Word."

Just what do you think that might be?

There are entire organizations that exist to "stop Hate," such as the Anti-Defamation League.


We've seen this Online in the Asian Community to "Stop Asian Hate."

Yet the public has accepted that it is "OK" to SLANDER WOMEN & spew discriminatory, defamatory HATE SPEECH in Black Music.

Black Music has been argued on a First Amendment basis, but Free Speech has NEVER protected obscenity.

There is even a push in the Music Industry to pass the Rap Act that would protect DISCRIMINATION.


Isn't Discrimination ILLEGAL?

On what planet is this OK???