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Houston Rodeo HTown Takeover Glorifying SEXISM on Black Heritage Day. PUBLISH ERA

HOLY COWGIRL, LADIES! Reverse Racism IS REAL in Houston, Texas. It's deja-vu at Houston Rodeo with the STUNNING Sexist DISGRACE Bun-B. This not just Bun-B's H-Town Takeover it is a Hostile Takeover from a Reverse Racist.

PUBLISH the Equal Rights Amendment to protect WOMEN from REVERSE RACIST Lyrics in Black Music.

Black Heritage Day at the Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo was last night & for TWO YEARS IN A ROW, it was no different than allowing David Duke - former Grand Wizard of the Klu Klux Klan to SPEW RACIST PROPAGANDA - BUT IN REVERSE.



We need to re-frame the arguments against Black Music Lyrics not as a First Amendment "Free Speech" issue & PROPERLY CHARACTERIZE IT AS REVERSE RACISM.


#HateSpeech in #BlackMusic is #ReverseRacist#Propaganda against #Women. It is #SlanderWithActualMalice that must be stopped.

Read below & If you've not yet read, "Yes, I'd Like to Thank The Academy: How to Tame the Red Carpet In YOUR Office," get it HERE now.

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This past Friday was Black Heritage Day at the Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo - which would have been good if they had not so disgracefully missed the mark with headliner Bun B.

Billed as Bun B's H-Town Takeover, it is not necessary for a "take-over" to be a HOSTILE TAKEOVER.

HLSR could have taken the high road for Black Heritage Day & had a RESPECTABLE BLACK ARTIST

HLSR could have made Black Heritage an Honor & not the STUNNING DISGRACE that it was.

In fact, they have the entire list of every Rodeo Performer on their Webpage, including every Black Artist that has played:

Ashanti, Beyonce, Black Eye Peas, Bow Wow, Boyz to Men, Leon Bridges, Peabo Bryson, Becky G, C&C Music Factory, Alessia Cara, China Anne McClain from A.N.T. Farm with the McClain Sisters, Natalie Cole, Jason Derulo, Destiny's Child, Bo Diddley, Earth Wind & Fire, KC & the Sunshine Band, Kem, Gladys Knight, Kool & the Gang, Patti La Bell, John Legend, Lisa Lisa & the Cult Jam, LL Cool J, Bruno Mars, Brian McKnight, Monica, Billy Ocean, Omarion, Frankie Beverly & Maze, David Frizzle, The 5th Dimension, Fifth Harmony, James Ingram, The Isley Brothers, The Jackson Five, Charlie Pride, Lionel Ritchie, Symone Raven, Sinbad, Solange, Doug Stone, Luther Vandross, Usher, The Winans, Billie D. Washington, Michelle Williams, Zapp,

All of these Black Musicians define what it means to HONOR Black Heritage

This is the same criticism I have made against The Grammy Awards, The Billboard Music Awards & any other Music Awards show that glorifies, REWARDS & celebrates MISOGYNY.

My entire Webpage is Dedicated to overcoming extreme SEXIST MISOGYNY specifically in Black Rap Music: it is SLANDEROUS HATE SPEECH.

Bun B who played at Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo is NOT Legend - he's TRASH - just like ALL Rap.

His Lyrics beginning with his NAME - Bun B - displays sheer Scorn, & Sexist Hatred of Women.

What is a B? Bitch? Biatch?

Then "People of Color" will SCREAM about Racial Slurs on TV all while GLORIFYING Sexist Slurs & Misogyny

You LITERALLY can't turn on the TV anymore without hearing claims of Racial Slurs, so much so that the local ABC Affiliate here in Houston has a new "Race & Culture Reporter," a newly-created position on their Staff.

Yet Reporters on this same Station APPLAUD Rappers, calling them Legendary & Iconic.

Holy COW!!!!

Are they serious with their HYPOCRISY???

Rap "Music" would be terrible enough on its' own, but then add the STUNNING HYPOCRISY in the National Debate over Free Speech VS "Censorship."

Morgan Wallen was absolutely SKEWERED for use of a Racial Slur in PRIVATE CONVERSATION.

Rap "Artists" are REWARDED with Grammy Awards, given Super bowl Halftime Shows & Highlighted at the Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo while Wallen's Career was nearly DESTROYED over something he said in PRIVATE, while Rappers SLANDER WOMEN OPENLY - ON THE RECORD with Sexist Slurs & quite frankly - Trash Which way do you want it?

Censorship - for the N-Word AND the B-Word


Free Speech all around including Racial Slurs & Sexist Slurs.

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