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I Am a #HealthCAREVoter Because...Election2020 #CountEveryVote

Individuals like myself will be breathing a sigh of relief once President Biden is Sworn into Office in January.

Election results in several States remain too close to call as counting continues due to increased Mail-In Ballots thanks to #Covid19.

#Covid19 may have altered our way of Life, including how we Vote, but all Americans have a vested interest in protecting #ObamaCARE.

One way we do this is when Election Officials #CountEveryVote

HealthCARE has always been a priority for me & one of the myriad reasons why I am proud to be a #HealthCAREVoter.

As a Licensed Life & Health Insurance Agent of 14 years now, I was here for the Roll-Out of this Life-Saving Program.

I have watched it being sabotaged by the Republican Party from Day 1.

But there is NOTHING more important to me than protecting the Life of my Critically-Ill Grandchild who has a #PreExistingCondition FOR LIFE. If he lives to be 100, he will ALWAYS have a #PreExistingCondition.

I am so THANKFUL for the #LittleLobbyists & to #HealthCAREVoter for their advocacy for all INDIVIUDALS who are concerned about protecting the Health of our Loved Ones.

While the disgraceful Trumplican ObamaCARE Lawsuit California/V/Texas is scheduled for November 10th, I feel a whole lot better about finishing my Continuing Education for my License Re-Certification.

I have never seen anything like the UNGODLY amount of Training that Insurance Agent are required to do once every two years & I've been dragging my feet on finishing mine. I paid for my Courses earlier this Spring but they've been sitting there all year.

Presidential Politics has been so demoralizing, so disheartening & so upsetting this year & with ObamaCARE in question, I spent a good chunk of my time again this year helping to get out the Vote in any way I can.

With the pending announcement of the final tallies any day now, I know that Presumptive President Biden will make HealthCARE a Priority & I feel a whole lot better about spending time finishing my CE.

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