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Impeached. The Ghost of Christmas Present

#Impeached.  The Ghost of Christmas Present

Encore Presentation. Originally Posted December 21, 2019. UPDATE. The #January6thCommittee gifted the Country a #HolidayGift - whether #Christmas or #Hannukah with recommendation of indictment of the former #ApprenticePresident.

That man cannot EVER run for Political Office - not ever again.

He cannot speak without lying & is #UnfitForOffice.

Trump REPEATEDLY DOUBLES DOWN ON HIS PATHOLOGICAL LIES - & he set the Capital on fire on January 6th.

You can Repeat a Lie & Repeat a Lie & Repeat a Lie & at the end of the day it is still a LIE:

The Big Lie.....

Trump's SLANDEROUS Big Lie is still tearing the country apart.


From the beginning of the