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Jack Brown is Rolling in his Grave. Publish the ERA to Protect Women from Hate Speech

ENCORE PRESENTATION. The Spring Awards Season is officially underway.

The Academy Awards (Oscars) are tonight.

The Grammy Awards are in early April.

And my Uncle Jack Brown is ROLLING IN HIS GRAVE at the State-Sponsored MISOGYNY in this Country.

Why does this MATTER?

The failure of American Legislators - our Elected Officials - to Ratify the Equal Rights Amendment has allowed for the unchecked, unfettered, rampant growth of MISOGYNY which is rewarded, applauded & Congratulated by members of Congress & other Elected Officials.

Why are Public Attacks on Women deemed to be Socially Acceptable to the point that almost rises to STATED-SPONSORED MISOGYNY?

I'm so angry right now, I am just fit to be tied.

If any other identifiable group of people were SLANDERED in such a way, there would be such an outcry.

What is happening is the equivalent of glorifying Racism - except it's SEXISM & deemed acceptable.

What if the reverse were true?

What if say David Duke - Grand Wizzard of the Klu Klux Klan - had a Rock Band & he wrote Songs and Movies about N------gers instead of Rappers Rapping about B-----ches.

Should he "win" a GRAMMY AWARD?

The Equal Rights Amendment would make Sex DISCRIMINATION against Women ILLEGAL.

"Equality of rights under the law shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any state on account of sex."

The Academy Awards are tonight & no doubt there will be screams Of "Oscars So White."

Maybe I should start a Hashtag, "Grammy's so Sexist."

Do you think it would catch on?

Go viral?

Make a difference?

Apparently some of these Rappers are College Educated(?) and some of them have started "Charitable Organizations" claiming to be helping in the community.

Did they go to College to learn how to Trash Talk & use Foul Language?

Is that what's being taught in College these days?

How to sing about MF'ing B-Words?

Going back to the KKK analogy, what if David Duke started a Neighborhood Community Center & started a Scholarship Fund or held Food Drives?

Would he be viewed as a Hero or a good guy, despite his Hateful Rhetoric?

Apparently Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader-Ginsberg didn't have a problem with Hate Speech.

Apparently RBG advocated for "Free Speech for All - no matter what."

When the RBG Movie came out, I had never even heard of the "Notorious B.I.G."

Why would she embrace the moniker of the "Notorious RBG?"

Supreme Court Judges are HONORABLE - not Notorious.

And sure it was cute & sure it was funny - until you start digging into the meaning behind it.

Surely she couldn't have heard just how bad the "Notorious B.I.G Disgrace" was.

Jack Brown is ROLLING IN HIS GRAVE at the MISOGYNY in this country.

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