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Mary Magdalene the First Christian. "The Tomb is Empty. He is Risen" Happy Easter

Mary Magdalene the First Christian

ENCORE PRESENTATION. Happy Easter to all who celebrate. Today I am posting early as I will be spending Easter with my daughter & Grandchildren

The Miracle of Life After Death in the Resurrected Lord is the basis of Christianity, yet there has been Censorship & Misogyny in the Bible from the beginning.

On this Easter Sunday during the Covid-19 Crisis our Celebrations have been fundamentally altered as we all Pray that the deadly virus will pass us by.

Church Services will be Virtual.

Family gatherings altered due to Social Distancing will be by phone, text & Video Calls.

And Donald Trump plans on watching Extreme Christian "Conservative" Televangelist Robert Jeffress from the Presidential Couch.

Today when we say that people shouldn't mix Religion & Politics, the alarming reality is that it has always been that way from the beginning.

I watched the Political Positioning of Religion during the 2016 Elections & continue to view our world through that lens.

What is really going on here?

The Power Struggle of "Conservative Christians" to control the Supreme Court & ultimately over-turn Roe/VS/Wade that legalized Abortion has been the goal all along.

This same Power Struggle is what shaped the Collection of Short Stories known as the Christian Bible

First complied into a Book by Roman Emperor Constantine in 325 AD when he convened a meeting of Spiritual Leaders at the Counsel of Nicaea, the Bible is said to be the Word of God.

Archaeological digs prove the existence of Gospels that were edited out destroyed or buried to control the Religious Narrative solely for Political gain.

"The Apostle to the Apostles" that was Mary Magdalene is named in the Books of Mathew, Mark, Luke & John as always being at Jesus' side, in Life, at the Cross & at the Tomb of the Resurrection on what Christians now Celebrate as Easter.

Censorship was just the beginning of Misogynistic smear campaign.

Thanks to Pope Gregory in an Easter Sermon in the year 591 AD, Biblical History has been altered to paint Mary Magdalene as a prostitute & a whore possessed by 7 Demons.

With the discovery in several Archaeological digs, people in this Century are righting a two thousand year-old wrong.

Back to our Modern-Day Religious Politics, perhaps if we can fix the MISOGYNY in the Church, maybe we can Ratify the Equal Rights Amendment & Elect our First Female President in this Country.

The Gnostic Gospels

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