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May the 4th Be with Mom. PUBLISH the Equal Rights Amendment

Me outside the Darth Vadar House in 2021 near Rice University at Houston's Museum District

Give Mom what she really wants for Mother's Day on this May the 4th & every day: Constitutional Equality under the Law.

So I should not have to invoke my best impression of Princess Leia to demand that the Dark Side stop attacking Women's Rights, but both of the last two Presidential Administrations have relegated Women's Constitutional Status to that of 2nd Class Citizen.

Because of this, the Supreme Court was given clear lane to roll back Abortion Rights under Roe V Wade because they are using an old antiquated Constitution WITHOUT THE EQUAL RIGHTS AMENDMENT published in it.

So if the Biden Administration insists on playing Political Theater in BLATANT ACTS of State-Sponsored MISOGYNY, Women can play that game too.

Maybe for "May the 4th Day" I should hire a voice actor such as Darth Vadar to demand that Potus DO HIS JOB.

It might look & sound a bit like this:

"Biden, I am you MOTHER. Give Women the ERA by Mother's Day."

"Biden, I am you MOTHER. Give Women the ERA by Mother's Day."

"Biden, I am you MOTHER. Give Women the ERA by Mother's Day."

But that's NOT MY REPEAT - it's YOURS.

"They" say that we "Study History so we don't Repeat it."

Clearly YOU have FAILED HISTORY CLASS because YOU keep Repeating it.

I wonder how much it would cost for me to hire Darth Vadar for a FAILED Comedy Stunt to get the Equal Rights Amendment PUBLISH finally?

But I wouldn't know.

I don't have that kind of MONEY.

Wanna know something else I don't have?

Constitutional EQUALITY because the President is ILLEGALLY REFUSING TO DO HIS JOB & is standing in the way of the duly-Ratified Equal Rights Amendment being publish THREE VERY LONG YEARS AFTER IT'S RATIFICATION on January 27, 2020.

President Biden is in DERELICTION OF HIS CONSTITUTIONALLY MANDATED REQUIREMENT to publish all Amendments to the Constitution once they have been RATIFIED in the Individual States.

Would it get his attention if I hired a DARTH VADAR Hot Air Balloon to fly over the Capitol with the DEMANDS OF ALL 147 MILLION AMERICAN WOMEN WHO JUST WANT TO BE TREATED FAIRLY?

Meanwhile, he is bringing Black Musicians to the White House who have made MILLIONS IN PROFIT BY SLANDERING WOMEN WITH THE WORD BITCH.

They HAVE THE NERVE to stand on the First Amendment Right to Free Speech while BLOCKING the Equal Rights Amendment.

This is STATE-SPONSORED MISOGYNY & what is really happening is that you are ALLOWING Black Musicians to DEMAND THE "RIGHT TO BE SEXIST" while you are DENYING women CONSTITUTIONAL EQUALITY.

Are YOU done yet???


The President has the opportunity to STOP BEING THE VILLAIN & be the Hero we know he can be.

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