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Milk: It Does a Body Good. Happy MLK Day

Milk. It Does a Body Good

ENCORE PRESENTATION. Emotional Intelligence teaches us caring, empathy, the ability to put ourselves in someone else’ shoes and treating other INDIVIDUALS as we would like to be treated ourselves: like an INDIVIDUAL.

MLK Day observances in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr's birthday which is January 15th are today.

Dr King's teachings were of equality, inclusion, & respect for all people.

I wonder what he would say about Equal Rights for Women if he were alive today?

For one thing I'm sure he would be so very proud of Vice President-Elect Kamala Harris' History-making Inauguration as the First Female Vice President & the First Woman of Color to be Elected to the second-highest office in our land.

Her Election gives all of us hope that we can truly bridge the great divide in our Country for things like Racism, Sexism Misogyny, Prejudice & Discrimination of all kinds.

Married to a White Man, she likely knows first-hand how hard mending Race-Relations can be.

When "Righting Societal Wrongs" we cannot "Break this to Fix that."

Our Country is still burning.

All of us have an obligation to lower the temperature across the Country.