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Mother Nature Honoring Queen Elizabeth II

Double rainbow spotted over Buckingham Palace as people mourn Queen's death. (Image courtesy: Bloomberg)

Heaven has welcomed another Angel home. This double Rainbow appeared above Buckingham Palace as Her Majesty closed her eyes for the last time.

April 21, 1926 - September 8, 2022.

I think the most striking thing about this picture for me is that is was not STAGED. It was a spontaneous act of Mother Nature that could not be manipulated by Man.

What a beautiful tribute from Nature for the benevolent Reigning Monarch of the United Kingdom that was Her Majesty the Queen Elizabeth II?

America is a Democratic Republic not a Monarchy, but #QueenElizabethII has done much for #Feminisim & #Womens equality through out the World as the benevolent Reigning Monarch of this Century.

The QUEEN of England.

I can remember in Elementary School I had to do a project for English or History class to research the origin of our Name. It's funny because I remember initially being let down that Lisa is the diminutive form of Elizabeth. LOL.

Elizabeth also means "God's Promise."

God Bless the Queen & God Save the King.

Best Wishes to King Charles III

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