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ObamaCARE, MediCARE & Medicaid Save Lives. Save Our Care

This morning the Supreme Court will hear arguments with respect to the Constitutionality of the Affordable Care Act, affectionately known as ObamaCARE.

The crowning achievement of President Barack Obama's Administration has been under attack by the Trumplican Party & his enablers in the Senate since the 2016 Presidential Campaigns where we first heard the battle cries of "Repeal & Replace ObamaCARE."

In the 3 & 1/2 years of the Bully-In-Chief's Presidency there was never a Plan for Replacement - only a Repeal.

Even in the face of the Covid19 Crisis, he has made it clear that he does not care about the American people or the tremendous loss of Life. He cares about nobody or nothing but his own self-serving interests.

Thankfully the American PEOPLE DO CARE.

And we showed him the door in this year's Presidential Election.

Here is what we CARE about.

We CARE about the Nation's HealthCARE.

We CARE about Coverage for PEOPLE with PreExisting Conditions.

And we CARE about the Lives of our Kids & Grandkids.

This is my now 5-year old Grandson Solomon. His Intestines were surgically removed at 3 months old.

The Backpack?

Unlike most School Children, his Backpack isn't filled with Books & Pencils & Paper & Crayons.

Solomon is on Prescription Food for the rest of his Life.

He carries his primary source of Nutrition in his Backpack.

This is his actual TPN Pump & Intravenous Food Supply that he must have EVERY DAY to survive & thrive.

My Daughter pretty much functions like a Home Health Care Nurse just to Feed her Child.

He can eat food & enjoys food as much as anyone else, but it goes through him too fast to absorb any Nutrition from it.

This is what is literally keeping him alive.

In the 2018 Mid-Term Elections I joined with Elena Hung, Laura LeBraun Hatcher & all of the Little Lobbyists Families across the country who were scared to death about the Trumplican Attacks on the Nation's HealthCARE System to write Letters & Call upon our Elected Officials.

So we put our fear into action & my Political Activism was born.

Today's Supreme Court Hearing on the Constitutionality of the Affordable Care Act focusses mainly on the Question of the Individual Mandate that people "buy Minimum Essential Coverage or Pay a penalty."

This is the Specific Crux of the Case.

The truth is that THIS is exactly what the Automobile Insurance Industry has done for DECADES with respect to Auto Liability. You literally CANNOT BUY A NEW CAR & drive it off the lot without Auto Liability in most States.

It is an INDIVIDUAL MANDATE on Coverage.

The argument is that the GOVERNMENT CANNOT tell you how to spend your money for ObamaCARE.

So how do you explain Auto Liability particularly in the State of Texas who is the Plaintiff in the Suit???

Most US Citizens are MANDATED BY LAW to buy Minimum Essential Coverage (Liability) or Pay a Fine.

You can, at your discretion also buy Comprehensive & Collision but you MUST buy Liability as "Minimum Essential Liability Coverage," to put it in the same Terms as the Affordable Care Act.

Sec. 502.046.  EVIDENCE OF FINANCIAL RESPONSIBILITY.  (a)  Evidence of financial responsibility as required by Section 601.051 

           *Note* Edited to Pertinent Parts for Brevity

(d)  A personal automobile policy used as evidence of financial responsibility under this section must comply with Section 1952.052 et seq. and Sections 2301.051 through 2301.055, Insurance Code.
(e)  At the time of registration, the county assessor-collector shall provide to a person registering a motor vehicle a statement that the motor vehicle may not be operated in this state unless:
(1)  liability insurance coverage for the motor vehicle in at least the minimum amounts required by law remains in effect to insure against potential losses; or
(2)  the motor vehicle is exempt from the insurance requirement because the person has established financial responsibility in a manner described by Sections 601.051(2)-(5) or is exempt under Section 601.052.

Transferred, redesignated and amended from Transportation Code, Section 502.153 by Acts 2011, 82nd Leg., R.S., Ch. 1296 (H.B. 2357), Sec. 84, eff. January 1, 2012.

So is the Individual Mandate portion of ObamaCARE Unconstitutional?


This is PROOF of Legal Precedence on this & the Frivolous Lawsuit against ObamaCARE should be thrown out on this basis.

The purpose of Auto Liability Insurance is to pay the Medical Bills of people YOU Negligently CAUSE HARM.

At minimum if YOU WRECK YOUR CAR, you can Buy a New Car.

We only have ONE LIFE & ONE BODY..

Whatever the Court's Decision, THANK GOD, President Elect Biden is about to be sworn into office next year.

President Biden Can & WILL un-do the damage done to the Health CARE Legislation that he helped to Write as Vice President.

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