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Pray 4 the Equal Rights Amendment. Candlelight Virtual Vigil 2020

ENCORE PRESENTATION. The first Monday of every October, the Supreme Court returns to the Bench to decide Cases that have been brought before them.

Tomorrow the Women's March & other Women's Organizations across the Country are marching in protest of the Texas Abortion Ban & the pending Supreme Court challenge to Roe/vs/Wade that will be heard in early December.

Honestly, I feel like this is as Tone-Def as Rap Music & an exercise in too little too late. Not all Women need an Abortion but ALL WOMEN DO NEED EQUAL RIGHTS.

Where was the Peaceful Protest for Women's Equality Day?

There is rain in the forecast for Houston tomorrow so I'm not planning on attending.

Beyond the rain, as a White Woman, I actually don't feel Welcome in most of the "Women's Groups (???)" Unless you're a "person of color" our lives don't seem to matter.


Because MISOGYNY is a problem in America.


Please join Equal Means Equal & Feminist Activists from across the Country this evening for a Virtual Candlelight Vigil before tomorrow morning's decision by the US Supreme Court if & when they will hear their Case to Ratify the Equal Rights Amendment into the Constitution.

The Equal Rights Amendment written by Alice Paul in 1923 has been winding it's way through the State Legislatures for all these years working towards the Magic Number of 38 State Ratifications to be formally written into Law as the 28th Amendment.

It is profoundly sad that so many of our Women's Rights Activist Pioneers didn't live to see Ratification of this important Legislation become Law: Elizabeth Cady Stanton & Susan B. Anthony died before Women gained the Right to Vote under the 19th Amendment.

Alice Paul who Authored the Bill died in 1977.

And most recently the Honorable Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader-Ginsberg whose hotly contested Seat on the Court is itself a bitter Political battle between "Conservatives" & Liberals since her death back in September.

Ruth worked tirelessly her entire life to level the playing field for WOMEN, having been Discriminated against PERSONALLY solely due to her Gender.

Earlier this year the State of Virginia RATIFIED the Equal Rights Amendment into their State's Constitution - but there's a fly in the ointment: the National Archivist is refusing to Publish the Amendment.

Equal Means Equal is suing the National Archivist as outlined on their page & will be joined at tonight's Vigil by their Attorneys presenting the Case.

Good Luck tomorrow Ladies.

This affects all of us.

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