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Prohibition, 18th Amendment, 19th Amendment & Susan B. Anthony. Women's History Month Day 19

Jack Daniels Tennessee Whiskey & the 19th Amendment

ENCORE PRESENTATION. Women's History Month Day 19. This was my intended post for March 18th but Current Events had other plans. While the House of Representatives was Voting on the Equal Rights Amendment & the reauthorization of the Violence Against Women Act, 7 Women & 1 man were MURDERED in the worst Mass Shooting so far this year.

The shocking irony is that News broke of what had happened the night before even as Members of Congress were voting on this Life-Saving Bill.

Now the Equal Rights Amendment & the Violence Against Women Act go to the Senate.

I think the Current Events from this week show just exactly WHY both pieces of Legislation are needed. I would also add to this wish list a Hate Speech Bill to combat what some have dubbed quote/unquote "Toxic Masculinity."

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Learning how Tennessee became the final