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Protection From H8te Speech. PUBLISH the Equal Rights Amendment

Say Yes, I Will Help Fund This Critical Mission to End Bullying.

On January 27, 2020, the State of Virginia became the 38th State to Ratify the Equal Rights Amendment into their State Constitution making WOMEN'S EQUALITY the Law of the Land, yet the Biden Administration is BREAKING THEIR CAMPAIGN PROMISE to American Women.

The National Archivist is REFUSING to update & Publish the newest version of our founding Documents including Constitutional Equality for Women under the Equal Rights Amendment.

WOMEN are the only Class of People who do not have Constitutional Equality, going all the way back to when the phrase "Male Citizens" specified just exactly whose rights were being protected in the 14th Amendment.

It took another five Constitutional Amendments to grant Women the Right to Vote under the 19th Amendment.

Prior to the 14th Amendment, our Constitution was gender neutral, specifying neither male or female.

Since Broadcast outlets & News Stations INSIST on standing on the 1st Amendment "Free Speech provision" while IGNORING the 9th Amendment protection from "Disparaging" Remarks, as well as Libel Laws against Slander & Defamation of Character, rampant unfettered HATE SPEECH against WOMEN in Black Rap Music has been allowed to fester & flourish giving rise to BULLYING & VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN.

BULLYING is a Problem in America.

RACISM is a Problem in America.

SEXISM is a Problem in America.

MISOGYNY is a Problem in America.

PREJUDICE is a Problem in America.

This has GOT to STOP.

Publish the Equal Rights Amendment.

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