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Publish the Equal Rights Amendment for International Women's Day

Tomorrow, March 8th, is International Women's Day & again I've gotta ask "What's with the backwards complement?" & "Who decides we've got a Day for This & a Day for That and a Day for the other Thing?" and "What's going on with those NUMBERS???"

The 8th Again???

What's with the Passive-Aggression towards Women?

Is someone trying to say that they LOVE the WOMEN in their lives like their Wives, Mothers & Daughters? Seriously???

On March 1st, the President gave his State of the Union Address, issuing a meaningless Decree recognizing March as Women's History Month, while FAILING to use his Platform to publish the ERA as the 28th Amend to the US Constitution.

On March 3 of this year, Axios published it's Report on 2022 Gender Equality Index Report , finding the the US ranks 38th in the World with respect to Women's Equality. Factors studied in the report range from Health to Education to Workplace Rights.

And on March 5th, while publicly claiming support for the Equal Rights Amendment, Biden continued his attack on Women in Private as reported on Social Media here by Shattering Glass.

Women deserve Constitutional Equality for any number of myriad reasons, but protection from SLANDEROUS HATE SPEECH will set the tone for everything else with respect to Women's Equality.

When we RESPECT the Women in our lives, the rate of Domestic Violence cases will go down.

When we RESPECT the Women in our lives, our Deeply-Held Personal Beliefs will reflect that in our ACTIONS.

On the surface, designating March 8th as International Women's Day at best is an act of Passive Aggression that furthers the idea that we "8" the Women in our lives.

On the surface, designating August 26th as Women's Equality Day at best is an Act of Passive Aggression that furthers the idea that we "8" the Women in our lives.

Is this an Honor or a Disgrace?

We "8" the Women in our lives???

It is DISRIMINATION based on Sex - Sexism.

It is DISCRIMINATION based on Misogyny - H8tred of Women.

And it's a Disgrace.

PUBLISH the Equal Rights Amendment.

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