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PUBLISH the ERA to END State-Sponsored MISOGYNY

The 2020 Presidential Election, saw an UNPRECEDENTED NUMBER of QUALIFIED FEMALE CANDIDATES running for President, yet we wound up with YET ANOTHER OLD MAN in the highest office of the land which has gotten us to where we are today - back in the same place we started.

So, as you can see, "the Lights are On, but Nobody's Home" at the Oval Office in the Nation's Capitol.....They're in Ghana with Vice President Harris or here in Houston for the NBA Final Four & we Women are still FURIOUS!

The Equal Rights Amendment was Ratified on January 27, 2020 when the last State needed, but rather than simply direct the National Archivist to publish the already-Ratified Equal Rights Amendment, the President & Vice President are STAGING A SERIES OF EVENTS & issuing meaningless Proclamations for Women's History Month to DISTRACT OUR ATTENTION from the FACT that they are FIGHTING against the Publication of the Equal Rights Amendment in the US Supreme Court.

This is Political Theater & Women are NOT impressed with your STUNTS.

You are LYING TO US.

@Potus #Biden & @VP #Harris need to figure out they are engaging in #StateSponsoredMisogyny when they invite #Rappers like Meghan Thee Stallion that PROFIT by calling #Women#Bitch to the Capitol - all while fighting #EqualRightsAmendment in @USSupremeCourt

Much like the "Man behind the curtain" in the Wizard Of Oz, Biden & Harris think that a magician's slight of hand can divert our attention from the FACT that they are STAGING SEXIST ATTACKS ON WOMEN:

State-Sponsored MISOGYNY..

As Women's History Month is winding down for 2023, the President STAGED a series of events at the Capitol claiming to be supportive of Women KNOWING FOR A FACT that they are actively FIGHTING AGAINST THE EQUAL RIGHTS AMENDMENT in the Supreme Court.

As if that wasn't bad enough, the Vice President (who by the way didn't want to play second fiddle to YET ANOTHER OLD MAN) had the NERVE to engage in the the MOST HATEFULDISPLAY OF SEXISM with Rapper Megan "Thee Stallion" in the Capitol before traveling to Ghana for a State Visit & tour of a Slave town in Africa.

The Vice President is LITERALLY FLOUNTING HATE SPEECH AGAINST WOMEN as if we had ANYTHING to do with Slavery.


THIS is why WOMEN need the Equal Rights Amendment more than ever.

Black "Musicians" feel more EMBOLDENED & EMPOWERED TO ATTACK WOMEN under the First Amendment Right to Free Speech.

The Equal Rights Amendment would make DISCRIMINATION ON ACCOUNT OF SEX ILLEGAL.


Don't ANYBODY talk to me about RACIAL SLURS when the Vice President of the United States is STAGING SEXIST SLURS with State-Sponsored MISOGYNY.


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