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Put Women in the Constitution Where We Belong. Publish Equal Rights Amendment

Christy, Howard. Signing of the Constitution. 01.2082. 1937. Tulsa: Gilcrease Museum, https://collections.gilcrease.org/object/01272082 (11/10/2017).
Signing of the Constitution / Howard Chandler Christy, 1937. Tulsa: Gilcrease Museum

ENCORE PRESENTATION. September17 is recognized as Constitution Day yet there remains a GLARING OMMISSION: the Equal Rights Amendment.

Ratification of the ERA occurred on January 27, 2020 when the State of Virginia became the 38th State to Ratify - yet not only is the President REFUSING to publish an updated Constitution with the ERA in it, he is preparing to FIGHT TRUMP'S BATTLE AGAINST THE ERA on September 28th at the end of this month.

As it currently stands, the only Right WOMEN are afforded in our Nation's Founding Document is the Right to Vote under the 19th Amendment.

Under Article V of the US Constitution, which is pretty much a blueprint as to the process to formally Amend our Constitution, the Equal Rights Amendment IS RATIFIED as the 28th Amendment & is only awaiting publication in an updated Constitution.

Publication is CRITICAL for a properly functioning society as it is our ultimate Legal Document & instructs Courts & Judges on how the Law of the Land must be fairly interpreted in Legal matters.

Call your Elected Officials in Washington at 1 (202) 224-3121 & tell them to DEMAND that the President DO HIS JOB & direct the National Archivist to publish the Equal Rights Amendment into the Constitution.

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