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Respect. Bleeping Profanity at the Grammy Awards

Concert Audience

UPDATE. Radio IS my Family Business, a FACT that I have not benefitted from one IOATA. Yesterday, 10/14/2020 was the Billboard Music Awards. Once again, I didn't watch.

What I did watch - quite a bit of but not all - was the Televised Confirmation Hearing for the #ApprenticePresident's Supreme Court Nominee Amy Coney Barrett that's been on every day this week.

Then I Voted.

Voting based on Name Recognition is THE WORST REASON TO VOTE FOR ANYONE. It's how we wound up with a CARTOON CHARACTER for a President.

For all 3 people who have bought my Book, I Thank You.

The Revised Edition was uploaded to Amazon about this time last year to include an Expanded Chapter on ETHICS.

If you were one of those 3 people, please send me an Email & I will send you the Revised Edition.

For everyone else, please Read Below.

To Buy the Book, Click Here


Healing a Nation in pain begins with honest conversations. Last year in 2019, CBS This Morning with Gail King & Nora O'Donnell had a story about "Toxic Masculinity."

This resonated with me so much that I directly Emailed Ted Bunch about his "Call to Men" Campaign he developed, sponsored by Gillette. I'm sure he receives thousands of Emails daily & I never heard back.

I liked the idea of partnering with someone who is different from me for any number of reasons including, validity, credibility & co-operation.

Ted Bunch A Call to Men. Toxic Masculinity on CBS This Morning

I can't remember when I stopped watching Award Shows of ANY KIND - The Grammys, The Billboard Music Awards, the MTV Music Video Awards - & those honoring Film: the Oscars, the Golden Globes, the Tony Awards for Broadway Productions & on & on & on.

Beyond Bleeping the foul, obscene profanity being spewed across the Stage there is the Provocative Dry-Humping & Crotch-grabbing that looked to me like thinly-veiled Pornography.

So following along this train of thought on the subject of Toxic Masculinity, in order to fix this, I don't think it's productive to point fingers or place blame.

The Entertainment Industry needs a "Mind-set Redirect.."

I have been following several Thought Leaders for several years now who speak on the "Secret Law of Attraction," people like Lisa Nichols, Jack Canfield, Zig Ziglar & became aware of Houston's own Marianne Williamson when she tossed her hat into the ring as a Presidential Candidate back in 2019.

This has become an entire Industry in & of itself.

This has nothing to do with Physical or Romantic Attraction.

The entire premise of the Secret Law of Attraction is that we Manifest our Thoughts.

We become what we think about.

Why in the world would young Black Rappers speak such garbage over themselves???

Why would they call themselves "Gangsta???"

If we become our thoughts, if we become what we think about, why would you speak this over yourself & your Community?

Listen to some of the Church Pastors speaking about "The Power of 'I Am'."

Rappers should speak good thoughts about themselves.

We do have Free Speech.

We CAN say whatever we want.

We should think about what we are releasing out into the World because the Universe is Listening.

I will have more thoughts along this train of thought soon. I can't spend all day Blogging & posting to Social Media all day, particularly when I don't get paid for this.

I make nothing.




I am broke.

I do this this because I am deeply concerned about what's going on in this country with BULLYING & INTOLERANCE of all kinds.

Sheet Music with Piano Keyboard

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