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Rewarding Hate Speech at Super Bowl LVI. Publish the Equal Rights Amendment

The Super Bowl LVI Halftime Show will have SLANDEROUS HATE SPEECH & First Amendment VS Free Speech issues front & center as Dr Dre & other Rap "artists" take the stage.

Read his Lyrics - this is NOT OK.

The B Word hurts as much as the N Word yet Black Music is given Grammy Awards & Super Bowl Halftime Shows while people protest Spotify. In case anyone's been living under a rock & hasn't heard, Spotify has been embroiled in a month's-long battle between Joe Rogan, Neil Young & the issue of Free Speech.

I don't know anything about Joe Rogan - I've never heard his show - but he appears to be some kind of raunchy (& probably not very funny) comedian.

From what I have heard about the controversy, Neil Young removed his entire Music Catalog from the Spotify Platform over Rogan spewing Mis-Information RE Covid-19, which is quite frankly inexcusable.

So this is what started the most recent Debacle with Spotify - all in the name of Free Speech.

Here is my Point:


The most Infuriating & HYPOCRITICAL part of this is that you can't turn on the TV without complaints of "Racial Slurs" or someone DEMANDING AN APOLOGY for the "N-Word."

Honestly, it is the Rappers THEMSELVES rapping about the N-Word.

If Blacks want RESPECT, they should start by RESPECTING THEMSELVES.

Later this week, Kanye West had the NERVE to demand that Billy Eilish APOLOGIZE to Travis Scott for some perceived "Dis" when Rappers BLATANTLY INSULT WOMEN IN MUSIC LYRICS WHILE MAKING MILLIONS OF DOLLARS FOR THEIR INSULTS.

Should Rappers apologize to WOMEN?

BTW what's @YouTube #HateSpeechpolicy?

Women's Rights Matter.

Hate Speech Matters.

The Equal Rights Amendment Matters.

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